S & K Preemie Love Foundation is a not for profit organization that focuses on the needs of individuals, specifically youth who are in need of guidance in reaching their fullest potential.  Our mission is to provide youth with supportive services that complement their aspirations and dreams for obtaining better futures.  We do so by providing the needed resources and tools that increase their chances to succeed educationally, culturally, and mentally.  S & K Preemie Love Foundation participates in community events and other activities that help children to overcome the challenges of today’s society.

S & K Preemie Love Foundation aims to alleviate the number of individuals who are at risk of not having successful futures due to a lack of resources.  We are committed to meeting the needs of these individuals by incorporating a variety of services in an effort to empower as well as assist them so they are successful in the present and future.   Therefore, we provide them with interactive and fun activities along with resources that can meet their individual needs, depending on their specific situation and circumstance such as:  empowerment, community events, field trips, donation of supplies (including clothing) and access to community resources. 

A formation of partnerships that affect the previous mentioned population, along with providing in-kind services to agencies serving our communities, has been initiated to assist in our endeavors.  We currently participate in other coalitions which impact factors that put youth at risk of not having successful futures.  We continue to seek opportunities of collaboration to assist in helping to make a difference in our community through speaking engagements, community events and fundraising efforts.  We have planned to expand services in other areas pertinent to complimenting this goal by providing services throughout North Carolina and abroad through collaboration.  Contacts have already been made to communities in areas that demonstrate the need to have these type of programs administered. 

To ensure programs are effective, we use the following tools:  Assessment – identifying the strengths and problems; Capacity – connecting people and/with resources; monitoring progress; Sustainability – maintaining outcomes through programming.


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S & K Preemie Love Foundation
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Phone: +1 336 342 3416
E-mail: info@skplove.org